Where We Stand

Spreading Goodness


 We’re so grateful for the opportunity to support and amplify the message of these amazing organizations. Whether its in our own backyard or halfway around the world, we’re committed to doing what we can to change this world for the better.

Ingredient Pledge

Pure Ingredients

Early on in the development of Sierra Sage we realized the importance of safe, effective, simple wound care. In many developing countries a large portion of their medical dollars are spent on cuts, abrasion, and skin conditions that could be treated with herbal remedies or salves. We recognized this as an opportunity to make a difference by providing an inexpensive, portable solution. The hope is, that then those precious funds can be allocated to more severe issues, thus saving lives.


Founder, Female, and Family Owned


It's been a wild ride, but we wake up every day feeling grateful and lucky that we get to share it with family. Sometimes life has a way of preparing you for a purpose and setting you on a course for adventure...without you even realizing it. Three women, sisters and mother, started off on three different paths.





We are a B Corp

B Corp Company

We became a B Corp because achieving that certification reflected the values upon which our company was founded. It also provides us a roadmap and an opportunity to continue to improve in every aspect of our organization. For us, doing business has to be about more than buying and selling. We are committed to making the best all-natural, plant-based skin care products possible and to creating and delivering our salves, deodorants, bath, and animal products in a way that has a positive impact on our family, our staff, our community, and our planet. We make our products to change the world and that has to extend to every part of the process. To do it any other way would feel disingenuous. Sure, there are easier ways to do what we do, but easier is hardly ever better.

We can’t cut corners or compromise when it comes to our commitment to goodness. We can’t and we won’t.

Global Outreach

Philanthropy and humanitarianism are two of the philosophical cornerstones of Sierra Sage. We align and partner with charities, aid organizations, and causes close to our hearts, both in the United States and around the world.

We honor and support our philanthropic partnerships in a variety of ways -- financial contributions from proceeds of product sales, physical product donations, volunteering, and more..