Our Founders


Jodi Co-Founder

Jodi Scott, CEO

I was pre-med with an MS in health psychology. In addition to working in private practice to assist disadvantaged patients in seeking medical and therapeutic care, I also trained resident physicians to bridge mind, body, and medicine as a tool for healthier lives. During this time, I started and operated several small businesses, which I lovingly refer to as “hobbies gone wild.” Meanwhile, my sister was in California learning to make medicine from plants, and I witnessed first-hand the effects these products had in changing people’s lives. Those experiences were literally life changing for me as well. I saw the potential to change first aid and make it affordable for those in need, so I turned to my favorite girls on the planet, my mom and sister, and said, “Let’s do this!”

Jen Co-Founder

Jen Scott, Dir Product Development

I was attending herb school and studying to be a midwife while living and working on an organic farm in California. During that time, I was taught the practice of making medicinal body care from plants. After receiving my certifications as an herbalist and permaculturist, my husband and I moved to Idaho, where I then earned my CPM (Certified Professional Midwife). In Boise, we continued growing and wildcrafting herbs, drying them, and infusing them in oils to create healing salves that we sold at several local farmers’ markets. The response was overwhelming. Then, in 2013, following the devastation of Super Typhoon Yolanda, we volunteered in the Philippines, where we realized the vital need for portable, natural first aid. The event was life changing. We knew that we wanted our life’s work to be about helping those in need. To make this happen, we needed help ourselves, so I turned to my favorite girls on the planet, my mom and sister, and said, “Let’s do this!”

Kathy Co-Founder

Kathy Scott, Dir Design Operations + Private Label

I was born to a Navy couple and am the oldest of five siblings. After graduating with a double major in biology and theology, I married an Air Force man, traveled the world, and had three amazing children. Over the next few decades, I learned everything I could and taught courses from computer science to ethics, sex ed to conversational English. I also started MMI, a web design and video content creation company. My family then launched a quickly-growing salve business, and they needed help with branding, photography, web design, regulations, and more. I realized this was an amazing opportunity to learn a lot, and I knew from my own experience that portable first aid could help people in need all over the planet, from soldiers to patients to refugees, so I turned to my favorite girls on the planet, my two daughters, and said, “Let’s do this!”